Dr. Ron Brown

COIN Writer/attributer/collector

Retired MD with a PhD in Zoology Disabled Service-Connected USAF Veteran Life member of ANA Life Member of FUN Life Member if CONECA Often writes a column for Coneca called “Treasures among Treasure” Writes a regular column for FUN called “FUN Varieties” Help co-author “Canadian Coin and their varieties 1858 to Date” for 5 publications Specialized in US and Canadian Coins varieties Does attributions for coin varieties

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Gary Chingren

Coin and Card Auctions Director

Numismatics and Sports Trading Cards are similar in many respects and developed into significant niche markets largely because of technologies. With the world wide web came a marketplace that now generates in excess of $4 billion in annual revenues. Third party grading was a market stabilizer that fueled industry growth as it provided a means to assign grade and value but at the same time it could be better. Technology exists today that is astonishing and standards are well defined. I am very excited to take an active role in applying the most amazing science and technologies to an industry that itself is ancient.

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Mike Ellis

Director of Numismatics and Sports Trading Cards

Professional Numismatist for 27 years and full time professional grading instructor at ANACS in 2006 and a grading instructor at American Numismatic Association (ANA) since 2009 plus editor of 2 editions of Cherry Pickers Guide and contributor to dozens of numismatics references. Mike is very passionate about everything involving numismatics and sports trading cards.

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Mike Johnson

Coin and Card Auctions CEO

Numismatics and Sports Trading Cards are one of the best kept wealth building secrets. For generations coin collecting has been largely a "hobby" but times are changing as younger and older generations tend to rely on and favor technology. Our company is very excited to bring science and technologies to the numismatics and sports trading card industries. We are excited for the future and most of all it means numismatics and sports trading card as "hobbies" with applied technologies will evolve just as Henry Ford used technology to forever change the horse and buggy era into lifestyles that made a difference.

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Mikey Siegel

Director and Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer is a challenging and rewarding opportunity. The most important part of my position with the company is you, the consumer. Its the bottom line that matters but in this case its not the corporate bottom line. The growth of the numismatics and sports trading card industries depends 100% on consumers. Our marketing platform provides consumers savings from 58% to 80% Why would we as a company do this? Because you as the consumer are able to make additional capital investment into the market if your profit margins are higher. You, the consumer are more likely to stay engaged in a market that produces real revenues. I am a consumer as well and hope to see you here on our marketing platform. Welcome to Coin and Card Auctions

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