The [W]Hole Consideration - "giving the holed coin its due"

by: Dr. Ron Brown   |   Sunday, August 22, 2021   |   0 Comments

The “Hole” Consideration

Giving the Holed Coin Some Respect


In My youth I was told a story by my dad about silver coins. He had a propensity of story embellishment, so I never knew to what extent I should put stock in the story line detailsAnd then, there was an incident in mid-1980’s when I observed something while I was with the Maasai people in Tanzania East Africa that made me immediately recall my dad’s story from my youth. At that time until now, I have never forgotten the implications of what I was told and what I saw with the Maasai years later.


A young author with Maasai warrior at Ngorongoro Crater


It is said that the Maasai have many tribal remedies that are not shared outside their tribal community, being told that on occasion their secrets do escape, yet I never uncovered one. One of their remedies is said to be a mixture if three ingredients made up of plants and bark that treats the horrible parasitic disease malaria. As a side note, I know that the widely used medication quinine is not affective there against falciparum malaria, yet the Maasai seem better than most to avoid the disease.21 One Maasai that I worked with told me that they have other remedies but would not share details – a common result I learned. I’m curious as to how and where they acquired the knowledge I saw demonstrated, but observations and interactions tell me they hold a high IQ for medicinal remedies. And for those that think that the Maasai are uneducated, that would be a false assumption. The young man that I worked with was trained in a religious mission, spoke multiple languages and yet still honored his traditional customs and attire – so from afar; you could have a completely different assessment of him. 

The Maasai also like to adorn themselves with all manner of shiny metal bits and colorful beadwork and often among them are coins – old and new.