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Almost 1,000 shareholders and climbing - Become an owner - Reg CF Offering of 10,000,000 common shares offered at.50 per share with $250.00 minimum purchase. Click on link to view landing page and purchase shares 

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Coin and Card Auctions is very pleased to announce it has completed filing an international patent with plans to file a second international patent this September.

Coin and Card Auctions is very pleased to announce Mr. Ramesh Majji, MBA joined the company as its Chief Technical Officer

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Why Digital fingerprints and NFT will change numismatics and sports cards will change the markets

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Digital Fingerprints $12.00 - $65.00

Why digital fingerprints?  Digital fingerprints uniquely identify any numismatic or sports card from any other numismatic or sports card by comparing tens of millions of measured datapoints using deep neural networks and artificial intelligence providing consistent highly accurate results engineered to industry adopted grading standards used by ANA, NGC, PCGS, ANACS and Sports Card grading systems.

But that is just the beginning because our digital fingerprints technologies convert numismatics, sports cards and art collectibles from illiquid collectibles into collectibles with shared royalties registered on blockchain technology with smart contract royalties automatically triggered/paid on resales. For dealers this is an ideal market solution as you will receive royalties for decades to come as a function of the marketplace costs. This is ideal for aggregating royalties for future revenues.

For larger value illiquid collectibles, we offer a slightly more complex Reg D, 506b or Reg D, 506c or Reg A+ undertaking as the issuer. For numismatic, sports cards and art collections having $1,000,000 minimal value please contact: 



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Alans Storefront

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Date Start: 08-11-2021 11AM
Date End: 12-31-2023 11:AM


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Date Start: 10-28-2022 01PM
Date End: 12-31-2023 01:PM

Mike Test Store

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Date Start: 10-19-2022 12PM
Date End: 12-31-2023 12:PM

Test Storefront

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Date Start: 10-12-2022 04PM
Date End: 12-31-2023 04:PM

Mikeys Store

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Date Start: 07-22-2021 03AM
Date End: 12-31-2023 03:AM


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Date Start: 10-08-2022 02AM
Date End: 12-31-2023 02:AM

Coins and Cards Market, LLC

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Date Start: 09-30-2021 04AM
Date End: 12-31-2023 04:AM


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Date Start: 11-28-2021 10AM
Date End: 12-31-2023 10:AM

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Starting Bid: $250
Bids: 0   |   Views: 202

2008-P ALASKA state quarter, SMS, MS-67, NGC Certified, pop-67

Starting Bid: $45
Bids: 0   |   Views: 179

1992-P KENNEDY half dollar, MS-67, NGC Certified

Starting Bid: $175
Bids: 1   |   Views: 372

2017 W Eagle $50 Gold 2020 US MINT Emergency Auction PF70UC Mercanti

Starting Bid: $3,000
Bids: 0   |   Views: 235


Starting Bid: $5
Bids: 1   |   Views: 149

2008-P OKLAHOMA state quarter, BUSINESS STRIKE, MS-67, pop-23

Starting Bid: $300
Bids: 0   |   Views: 210

1954 Lincoln MS67 Red NGC 6033753-030

Starting Bid: $17,500
Bids: 0   |   Views: 225