Setting up your account - step by step

 Step 1 - sign up for an account

Step 2 - select account type. Options include (a) Storefront (b) Non-Storefront (c) Dealers Corner

Step 3 - you will receive a system generated email to the email address you entered when you registered- click on the link to activate your account 

Step 4 - log in to your account and go to the Storefront Tab then under the My Storefront click on Manage Storefront

Step 5 - Here is the page where you personalize your storefront.

Enter a Title - Your name or business name, name of your storefront

Description - Tell your story - what do you sell, want to buy 

Select a Default Category - here you select from a dropdown list of categories. You can change categories if desired.  For example, lets say you like half dollars and specialize in Kennedy Halfs.  Go to the Half Dollars then select Kennedy Halfs 

Date Start and Date End - this is todays date (find at bottom right of calendar and click on today), then end date click on today and use the drop down to select any date beyond the today date. For example, a today start date of September 30, 2021 and a today, end date of  September 20, 2022

Other Info- Use this to tell others about you

Upload your storefront image - From the home page select Browse then Storefront Templates. Choose from any of the 200+ store front templates. There is a number under each template that starts with CCA.  Storefront templates can be copied and pasted by you to a folder on your hard drive then upload to your storefront by clicking on the picture icon.  For free customization email the storefront ID and number and tell us what you want on your storefront. Some people may want their store or business name, icon, email address and phone number.  Remember this is your storefront - dress it up the way you want your store to be seen 

Embed one or two videos - this is a nice feature that uses iframes to ember up to 2 videos side by side.  Some people will find that a short video can really help boost sales or help you find those hard to get numismatics and sports trading cards.   If you need a free example of single or double imbedded code please contact 

Step 6 - click save 

Step 7 You are done setting up your account information - now click on the account tab. Here you will find Merchant Settings. Under Merchant settings you will need to set up your payment gateway.   There are two options (1) (2) PayPal 

Personally, I like the protections offered by PayPal and don't mind the PayPal fees but its an individual choice. For PayPal simply enter the email account you use with PayPal and change the "sandbox" to "Live" and your all set.  If using this is a common gateway for most banks.  You would need to contact your bank to obtain the API ID and Transaction Key.  You can use both PayPal and - just make sure to change your "sandbox" setting to "Live"

Remember, this is your store and all registered user when selling or buying you are buying or selling directly between yourself and the buyer or vice versa.  Coin and Card Auctions does not collect money from buyers or sellers in any buy or sell transaction. This is between yourself and the buyer or seller.   The benefit of direct transactions means you get every penny of the sales amount. 

Now you are finished with that so its time to list an item 

Step 8 Click on Transactions - this is your control page for all listings, tracking items, editing items 

Start by selecting List and Item then follow the prompts. Don't worry, if you miss an important area like minimum price a message will request you enter the data

You can load images stored on your hard drive or you can load images from your smartphone. If loading from your smartphone you will need to login to your account and go to the Manage Items, Current Items or List and Item to upload images 

Please contact with any questions