All About Selling

There are 3 options for selling 


The storefront  The storefront is monthly subscription memberships in an auction format. A suite of Value Added Services is currently being developed for storefronts. These services include customized marketing funnels, multiple source market data compilations, data capture, and bulk upload. The benefits of a storefront are significant with annualized savings estimated at 461% assuming a marketplace charging 10.8% and 732% assuming a marketplace charged 16%   Each database is limited to 500 storefronts and each storefront includes a personal video for advertising products and personalizing your storefront. 

Non-Storefront  Non-Storefronts are auction format and do not include Value Added Services. The only fee is 5% paid by the seller on items sold.  No credit or refund is offered on returned items. Non-storefronts are designed for casual buying and selling. 

Dealers Corner  This is a non-auction format primarily designed for businesses that don't want to use an auction venue. This is great for the retailer that provides consistent products with large inventories.  Pricing is 3% of the selling price excluding any taxes on a per items sold basis.  There are no refunds on any buyer returned items to sellers.  

Benefits of a storefront   The storefront is designed for you to recognize far higher net profits than any competitor marketplace and potentially build intrinsic value (goodwill).  Management offers customized funneled marketing direct to storefronts. This provides a focused marketing advantage and is designed for the longer-term business valuation metrics. Each storefront web traffic and sales are monitored for the purposes of calculating goodwill based on historic sales volumes and web traffic should that storefront owner wish to sell or transfer the storefront with or without stock.  Each storefront includes an embedded video feature allowing a storefront owner to market products, market their storefront, or even advertise for items a store owner might want to purchase - it's a marketing tool.  Up to 2 videos can be posted simultaneously.  Value-Added Services are being developed to enhance the user experience but we think the best is the huge savings potential.  This is by design as we want to encourage market growth.  Of course, all registered users are encouraged to communicate via email, text, phone, websites - we are big supporters of a free market.  Education= we believe a blog is necessary to provide industry-based education. Blog contributors can include a video in a blog. Visual representations enhance education and we want to make every tool available that we can.