A word to the wise

Don't even think about selling counterfeits here.  Anyone posting item(s) on this marketplace is assumed to have the necessary knowledge skills and abilities to know if an item being listed is a counterfeit or not.  There is absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for listing counterfeits.  There are provisions for listing copies so long as they are stamped or marked clearly as a copy.  Management reserves the right to ban and remove anyone at any time including temporarily or permanently removal or deletion of any suspected counterfeit items and/or deleting any account including any and all items at any time.  A courtesy contact shall be initiated with any user listing suspected counterfeit items and that users account will temporarily be suspended until the person listing the item submits such documentation to management which at management absolute discretion may approve or reject before reactivating a suspended users account. Should repeated efforts to list counterfeit item(s) management reserves the right to report such activities and provide law enforcement  information as may be necessary for investigation purposes.