1909 S Lincoln MS67RB NGC NONE FINER

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**RARE**. 1909-S Lincoln - MS67RB. This is the only NGC or PCGS graded 1909 S Lincoln MS67RB in existence. It’s arguably a Red although it is graded RB. You will not find another RB in this grade/color. It’s a stunning coin with outstanding fields. When researching I found a MS67Red sold for $69,000.00 in 2004. I believe the scarcity of high grade RB is because the 1909 S VDB overshadowed its namesake and the 1909 S not having the same attention simply became lost to time. No matter how you look at it the likelihood of another 111 year old 1909 S Lincoln ever being graded MS67RB is at best, very slim making this coin extraordinary rare and highly likely to retain and increase in value. No returns. Shipped insured and signature required within continental USA via USPS First Class mail

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