Seward's Rare Pennies

A collection of rare collectable pennies for sale / and or Trade.

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Date Start: Thursday, 07-22-2021 11AM
Date End: Sunday, 12-31-2023 12AM
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This storefront also carries other collectable coins, as well as some modern beauties.

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You will not be able to buy or sell without a payment gateway Here are the three easy steps to your own payment gateway Step 1 Login to your account Step 2 Select Account then under Merchant Settings select Payment Gateway Select either or PayPal Account If using obtain the API ID and Transaction Key from your bank, enter that information and select Live If using PayPal enter the email address, you use for your PayPal account and select Live Step 3 - Click Update You are now able to buy and sell directly between all buyer and sellers that also have set up their Payment Gateway For questions or assistance please contact

Prior to making a bid, offer, or Buy Now transaction you must first register on the Coin and Card Auctions website Selections include "STOREFRONT" This is a marketplace and is designed for monthly subscription with no value-added fees. Here you will recognize the most savings as the monthly subscription of $100 is far less than the Final Value Fees when paid per item. Value Added Services are only available to Storefront Users "NON-STOREFRONT" This is a good choice if you want to list and sell or buy numismatics, bullion, and/or sports trading cards on a day-to-day basis - only 5% final value charged on sold items "DEALERS CORNER" Dealer Corner is not an auction format - simply list and sell. 3% charged on a per item sold basis. Good for high volume and low margin items such as bullion. Inquire for pricing on large transactions. YOU CAN HAVE ALL THREE ACCOUNTS AND WOULD NEED TO REGISTER THEM SEPERATELY Contact:

YOU MUST SET UP YOUR PAYMENT GATEWAY TO BUY OR SELL This allows all Buy/Sell transactions to occur directly between the seller and the buyer. Buyers make payment with PayPal, Credit Cards and other standard methods of payment processing. Please View "How do I set up a payment gateway in my account?" for instructions.

There are three different venues Venue 1 - Store Fronts -no final value fees, Charges a monthly recurring subscription $100.00 FREE for all until April 1, 2022 Venue 2 - Non Storefronts - final value fee on items sold is 5%, no other fees Venue 3 - Dealers Corners - No Fees until April 1, 2022 then 3% charged on per item sale. Note that transaction fees, if any which are associated with your merchant account or PayPal account gateway are NOT venue fees and are charged according to the service provider selected by the user

The Storefront Images are all custom graphics and free of charge. First click on the BROWSE navigation icon on the home page, A list of items will drop down, select Storefront Logo Templates, If you do not want the image customized, Highlight, Copy/Paste and Save the selected image to a folder on your hard drive then log into your Coin and Card Auctions account and Select "Manage Storefront" then click on "upload image" and upload the saved image from your hard drive to your coin and card auctions account and be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page. If you want us to do this for you just email the selected storefront image ID to If you prefer a selected image to be customized to add your storefront business name, phone or email please copy and paste the selected image ID number to Prior to receiving the edited version, you can also right click and save the unedited version on your hard drive and load that image for temporary use to your storefront account Generally, within several hours the image edited to include your information will be administratively uploaded to your storefront for you.

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