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Step 1 Login to your CCA account Step 2 Select Account then under Merchant Settings then select Stripe Payment Gateway Step 3 - Complete Stripe personal and business setup Step 4 - select Developers then API. You will receive a secret API Key. Step 5 Copy the STRIPE secret key into your payment gateway and click on save. Make sure you copy the secret API key to a safe location for your records. You are now able to buy and sell directly between all buyer and sellers that also have set up their Payment Gateway For questions or assistance please contact

Prior to making a bid, offer, or Buy Now transaction you must first register for a storefront, non-storefront or Dealers Corner on the Coin and Card Auctions website. Selections include "STOREFRONT" This is a monthly subscription marketplace with no value-added fees. "NON-STOREFRONT" This is a good choice if you do not need a storefront - only 5% final value charged on sold items. "DEALERS CORNER" Dealer Corner is not an auction venue, here you list at a fixed price. YOU CAN HAVE ALL THREE ACCOUNT types. Contact:

For auctions you win a bid on including a Buy Now or retail venue select Checkout and follow the prompts.

There are three different venues Coin and Card Auctions fees for Store Fronts has no final value fees and charges a monthly recurring subscription. Non-Storefronts - does not have a subscription but does have a 3% final value fee on items sold. Dealers Corners - No monthly subscription Fees, 3% charged on per item sale. Note that shipping costs are paid by the buyer or seller and payment gateway fees are charged by the payment gateway.

Storefront Images are all custom graphics and free of charge. When registering your account, you will automatically be directed to Storefront Logo Templates, Select the template you prefer. Feel free to use the edit functions to put your name, company name, phone number, email, etc. It's your storefront and they are marketed in google and other search engines.

Take advantage of the embed video options on your storefront to advertise and promote your business This value-added feature allows registered storefront users to create short videos to promote their storefront and storefront products Please email for assistance. Professionally made videos are available. Please enquire about cost and process.